Reality Making


Science fiction is reality ahead of schedule – Syd Mead

Why Science Fiction matters:

SciFi has a base in Reality, but combines fantasy with technology and projects the product into the future or an imagined universe.

Unlike pure Fantasy, SciFi deals with the reasonably possible

The engine of Fantasy is magic, whereas the engine of SciFi is technology

The world of Fantasy is shaped by magic which is not real. The world of SciFi is shaped by technology which is or could be real

As ideas become technologically possible they move from the realm of fantasy to the realm of reality

Reality (as a constructed environment) is a product of the pre-existing reality and realized aspirations.

Reality is compounded and nonlinear. Like a nautilus shell it builds upon itself. It is perceived rather than absolute. It is experienced imperfectly and contextually

Reality is not a certainty. It is invented, engineered, and manufactured.

Reality is a handshake between nature and the things that manipulate nature.


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