Digital Humanities


Which Way, Digital_Humanities?

Murtha Baca | March 21, 2013
Those of us in the digital humanities field—which is to say, all of us seriously interested in arts and letters in the 21st-century—are still reckoning with a 176-page explosion of a book that landed on our web browsers last December. Titled simply Digital_Humanities, this hybrid text is hard to fit into any established bookish category: it’s part how-to manual, part “where are we now,” part scholarly monograph, part manifesto.
We live in one of those rare moments of opportunity for the humanities, not unlike other great eras of cultural-historical transformation such as the shift from the scroll to the codex, the invention of moveable type, the encounter with the New World, and the Industrial Revolution. Ours is an era in which the humanities have the potential to play a vastly expanded creative role in public life.

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